Aids to Navigation

QPS offers sales, repair and maintenance on all types of Aids to Navigation for inland and offshore waters including Fog Horns. QPS provides monthly and 3rd Party inspections for Aids to Navigation and Fire/Gas Systems as well as alarms.


Vega Industries Limited

QPS is pleased to be a local distributor for Vega Industries Limited.

Vega manufactures ATON equipment. Lighted navigational aids and optical, electronic, and electro-mechanical instruments. Approved for use as Class A, B, and C lights for artificial island and structures in the US Coast Guard 8th District under CFR 33 Part 67.

VegaWeb provides a plug and play solution to monitoring Aids to Navigation equipment for both Vega and third party products.

VegaWeb utilizes public communication networks and the software application resides on the internet so user can interface with the monitoring system via a web browser.

VegaWeb can operate on Cellular, or Satellite networks.